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Does Diathermy Work?


YES. there is no doubt that diathermy works to remove red vein, thread veins, broken capillaries and spikder neavi. It can also be used to treat milia and blood spots as well as skin tags.


How Does Diathermy Work?


Diathermy uses cauterisation to 'zap' visible capillaries, thread veins and spider neavi in the epidermal layers.There can be many causes of which result in damaged capillaries. Some common factors are sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. Rosacea may be an inherited factor and is not treatable with diathermy.


Is diathermy suitable for men?


Male skin is very prone to red veins, broken capillarys, , thread veins and spider neavi on the face. This may be due to outdoor activity ie running or playing sport outdoors or working outdoors. The appearance of the skin is greatly improved once the area is treated restoring a youthful appearance and added confidence.

Red Vein Removal | What Is Diathermy Used For?

Diathermy can be used in non surgical situations to remove broken capillaries, red veins, spider nervi, blood spots, milia and skin tags from the face. It has advantages over laser treatment as the needle can be controlled manually meaning that accuracy is better. It is also less expensive and usually takes just one treatment.


Red Vein Removal | Why Do Broken Veins Appear On The Face?

As we age our skin becomes more susceptable to blemishes. Just when the last of the acne is gone, we are faced with a new skin challenge; to keep skin free of spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi and broken capillaries.

Red Vein Removal | Does Diathermy Work?

Yes. Diathermy is a tried and tested method for the removal of unsightly skin conditions such as spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi and broken capillaries from the face. It has been popular in various forms since the 1800's and has been used by physicians through the ages inside and outside the body to cauticise various appendices.

So What Exactly Causes Spider Veins, Thread Veins, Spider Neavi and Broken Capillaries on the Face?

The answer is varied. Firstly, it is important to note that veins and capillaries form part of the circulatory system, the bodys "transport of blood" around the body. When we are talking about blemishes on the face, it is most likely that veins dont come into it at all. Capillaries are most likely to be visible sometimes on the surface of the skin. They have a very important function. Capillaries are the last stop for the heart, the smallest of the hearts blood transport vessels. They are only one cell thick. They carry oxygenated blood and nutrients to the extremities and to the all cells of the body. Therefore the body has many millions of capillaries.

What Is The Purpose Of Capillaries In The Body?

Within the capillary, oxygenated blood and nutrients are supplied to the surrounding cells and deoxygenated blood and toxins are carried away. Therefore, they are a vital part of the bodys healthy function. So whats the problem with capillaries? There is no problem with them at all. Infact, we should be very grateful for them. However, in some people they can appear and "pop" to the very surface of the skin where they are quite visible. This is most likely due to the pressure of the blood from the heart.

What Are Common Causes Of Broken Veins On the Face?

Common places to see spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi or broken capillaries is around the nose, cheeks and on the chin. That is because these areas are often exposed to extreme changes in temperature. They are also under pressure during sneezing and especially when we have a cold.

Secondly spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi or broken capillaries can be hereditary. Yes, its true. If someone in your family has developed them, you are quite likely to also develop them.

Thirdly, environmental factors will also play a role in their appearance. If you work outside in harsh, cold weather or if you exercise, hike, ski, cycle, surf or run outdoors in extreme conditions, you may also see spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi and broken capillaries developing on your face.

Can Red Veins Be Caused By Alcohol?

Yes, but not always. Some factors which contribute to the formation of broken capillaries include consumption of alcohol which can cause spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi and broken capillaries. Cigarette smoking is another common cause. Men who shave their skin very harshly and against the grain may also experience these skin blemishes. Very hot showers can exacerbate the condition.

Is Diathermy Red Vein Removal Expensive And How Is it Done?

Luckily, diathermy is a low cost, effective, fast and trusted method for their removal. During diathermy, a very small needle, about the size of an eyelash, is applied to either end of the spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi or broken capillaries. This cauticises the capillary on either end so that blood can no longer enter it. It is deemed ineffective and the blood finds another route through the bodys complex capillary network.

Who Performs Diathermy Red Vein Removal Treatment?

Diathermy is normally carried out by a nurse or doctor. Any unconfirmed blemishes should be checked by a doctor before treatment. Diathermy can be used to remove moles and flat moles but only after they have been diagnosed by a doctor and given the all clear.

How Many Diathermy Red Vein Removal Treatments Are Needed?

Certain conditions may require more than one visit in order to see the full result. Normally the spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi and broken capillaries are gone immediately after treatment but redness and some flaking will persist for up to seven days.

You will instantly see the broken is gone. The face will be slightly red. Full results should be judged after 4 - 6 weeks. At this time treatment may be repeated if necessary.

What Can Diathermy Red Vein Removal Be Used For?

Diathermy may also treat blood spots and skin tags. The treatment is the now the most popular for the removal of spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi and broken capillaries because it is reliable, consistent, effective and inexpensive. Rosacea is not treatable with diathermy as the individual capillaries cannot be identified and therefore they cannot be zapped.


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