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Colonic Irrigation | Dublin Vitality Center

Colonic Irrigation is the most advanced method to remove deep toxicity from the body. At Dublin Vitality Center, Colonic irrigation is provided by nurse trained colon hydrotherapists who hold advanced level I-ACT certification. I-ACT is the only qualification now accepted in the USA where colonic hydrotherapy is now a regulated profession under US federal law.


What Are The Benefits Of Colonic Irrigation ? 

The benefits of cleansing the bowel of years of impaction, gas and deep toxicity have major health benefits for the entire body. It is now thought that all disease originates in the colon. The most common reasons that people choose to have this deep cleansing detox treatment are :



Kickstart Healthy Living



Weight Loss

Increased Energy




Mild Depression




Is Colonic Irrigation Safe ?

At Dublin Vitality Center, Colonic Irrigation is carried out using the advanced Harley Street Method by nurse trained therapists who hold Advanced I-ACT certification. This incredibly advanced method means that its now possible to undergo this wonderful treatment with increased privacy. Tubes are smaller and less invasive. The Harley Street Method of colonic irrigation is found in high end clinics all over the world and is often preferred by those who require absolute privacy during their colonic irrigation treatment . At Dublin Vitality Center, we have been providing colonic irrigation since 2009. Clients travel from all over Ireland to enjoy an amazing treatment which is quite unlike any other in Ireland. Our clients include people from every walk of life including some well known people, TV personalities and celebrities.

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