Vitality Living Method - Anti- Aging Skin Rejuvenation.

The Professional Anti-Aging Skin Care Programme for Men and Women.

Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Scars, Open Pores, Rosacea, Red Vein, Milia, Spider Nervi, Pigmentation, Sun Damage

Medical Microdermabrasion

Medical Skin Needling

Vitality Living Method Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation

Vitality Living Method Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation is a total skin rejuvenation treatment plan which has been developed over 7 years by professional skin care therapists. This method is designed to tackle the signs of aging in 4 ways and is ideal for both men and women.


Why Is Vitality Living Method Anti-Aging Programme So Effective? 

It is a fact that NO skin product, anti-wrinkle cream or serum can reach into the lower dermal layer where deep wrinkles reside on its own. Topical creams and serums can only combat damage and aging on the upper dermal layer when applied without specific skin interventations. Sometimes very harsh ingredients can actually dry the skin in an attempt to penetrate through the upper dermal layer chemically through the use of acid.

Skin Rejuvenation on the Upper and Lower Dermal Layers

Vitality Living Method Anti-Aging Programme combines the power of medical grade skin rejuvenation treatments such as diamond microdermabrasion, micro skin needling and diathermy with the most advanced scientfically developed skincare ingredients. This system enables skin rejuvenation on both the upper and lower dermal layers. Vitality Living Method is an anti-aging skin system developed by medically qualified skin therapists over 7 years and is exclusive to Dublin Vitality Center in Ireland. This incredible combination of anti-aging treatments offers advanced rejuvenation, collagen production and increased skin elasticity without surgery over a specified course of weeks. Trust science with your skin. Book Today at Dublin Vitality Centre Dublin Blanchardstown 01-8201602 | Merrion Road, Ballsbridge 087 1973 984